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“I felt very stiff in the mornings as if my back was locked up in some way and it was painful getting out of bed and straightening up. The treatment I have had from Joseph has been most effective. He has managed to loosen up my back and I am able in the mornings especially to move my torso and change my posture far more freely. I am now on a level of recovery gain of about 40–50 per cent from what I was, and I can’t speak too highly of the skill and manipulation which has been so beneficial. I hope to improve on this by the exercise regime I have been given.”
CB, Sidmouth
“Just to inform you of the good service I received from you (Chiropractor Joe Arkle). After going to other chiropractors, you were the only one that gave me good treatment which I have benefited from. I will certainly inform others about your good treatment.”
JM, Sidmouth
“I am 76 years old and have arthritis in my hips, knees, back and fingers. I first met Joseph Arkle in September 2015. I was unable to lift my arms above shoulder height. Joseph organised a scan to check what damage I had done. He treated me weekly until I could lift my arms above my head pain free. I then had monthly maintenance treatment. During September 2016 I had a very painful trapped nerve in my shoulder – pain right down my arm. Three visits with massage, manipulation and acupuncture cleared the pain. I was able to move my arm normally. I will continue to see to see Joseph monthly for maintenance. He keeps me moving! Joseph takes a considered and careful approach to treatment. He has a relaxed manner and is very caring. I would recommend visiting Sidmouth Chiropractic Centre for assessment and treatment.”
MS, Sidmouth
“Before I started seeing Sue Moore, I was in considerable discomfort with extreme back pains. Sue designed a program of exercise and recommended a different seat and desk for me. In combination with regular treatment at Sidmouth Chiropractic Centre I am now in much less back pain. This has been a life changer! I can recommend the services most highly.”
MB, Sidmouth
“I had had problems with my lower back for years as a result of an incident in the 1970ís. I had used tablets when needed but after/during a bad flare up, decided to try Sidmouth Chiropractic Centre and saw Sue Moore. I have found the treatment received and advice given very effective and now rarely resort to tablets. I have also received treatment for neck problems caused by osteoarthritis and since going to regular appointments every 2 months, have not had any bad flare ups.”
AR, Sidmouth
“I came to Joe with what was turning into a perennial and rather enervating pain in my left shoulder area. I received throughout solicitous, sensitive and highly personable treatment from an outstanding professional. His diagnosis and treatment have been second–to–none. My condition has improved tremendously – my flexibility has been largely restored and I am pain–free. I return to Joe with confidence for periodic ‘maintenance’ treatments. I am glad our paths crossed!”
Dr David Selby, Sustainability Frontiers
“After spending two years with back pain, I eventually found Susan Moore who has worked miracles for me. I am now cured. Thank you, Sue.”
MR, Sidmouth
“Due to a sport injury, my daughter was unable to put pressure on her heel and walked on her toes for 10 months due to the pain. After approximately 3 months of regular chiropractic treatment with Joe, my daughter is able to put pressure on her whole foot, walk properly and is not in any pain. Joe was dedicated and committed to helping my daughter on the way to recovery.”
HM, Budleigh Salterton
“I started having chiropractic treatment a few months after having an accident in which I sustained a head injury. I was only able to open my jaw 2mm and had to liquidise my food, I also had regular dizzy spells. After having regular treatment with Joe over approx. Four months, I am now able to open my jaw 50mm and the dizzy spells have completely stopped. I do not need the recommended NHS operation. Joe is calm and methodical in his approach. He was happy for me to combine my treatment with craniosacral therapy. I would highly recommend anyone who has a similar injury to see Joe. Brilliant Joe. Thank you!”
HM, Budleigh


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